Yamaha FGX830C NT

Yamaha FGX830C NT

  • Numero corde: 6 corde
  • Corpo: Dreadnought
  • Cutaway: Si
  • costruzione acustica: parziale massivo
  • Colore: naturale
  • Finitura: lucida
  • Tavola: abete rosso
  • Fondo/fasce: palissandro
  • Manico: nato
  • Tastiera: palissandro
  • Intarsi tastiera: Dots
  • Larghezza Capotasto: 43 mm
  • Capotasto/Ponte: Urea
  • Ponticello: palissandro
  • Meccaniche: Chrome Die-Cast
  • Rosone: Abalone
  • Pick-up: Yamaha SRT Pickup
  • Preampsystem: SYSTEM66 + SRT Pickup
  • Regolatore: Vol/3-band EQ/Tuner/Mid FQ
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Yamaha FGX830C NT · Chitarra western

Since the introduction of the legendary FG series over 35 years ago, Western guitars from Yamaha have become one of the best and most popular instruments in the acoustic scene. A first-class quality, extremely fair prices and constant model maintenance have ensured that the FGs are still among the absolute bestsellers in the range.

The FGX series is the electro acoustic version of the FG series. Features of the L-Series, such as the special top mount (non scalloped X bracing) or the ingenious L-block, make these guitars a quality instrument. Its clear, powerful sound captivates both accompaniment and solos. And an integrated 3-band equalizer with adjustable mid-range allows easy and sensitive sound adjustment in any playing situation.

Chitarra western · Yamaha FGX830C NT

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