Sandberg California Supreme VM4

Sandberg California Supreme VM4

  • Colore: cream
  • Tipo di costruzione: Solid Body
  • Costruzione manico: manico avvitato
  • Numero corde: 4 corde
  • Numero tasti: 22
  • Scale: Scala lunga
  • Lunghezza scala: 34" (86,36 cm)
  • Corpo: ontano
  • Manico: acero
  • Corpo: precision bass
  • Tastiera: palissandro
  • Intarsi tastiera: block inlays
  • Pick-up del manico: Sandberg V-Single Coil
  • Pick-up del ponte: Sandberg Powerhumbucker
  • Pick-up tipo: 1 stile P + 1 stile MM
  • Commutatore pick-up: regolatore blend
  • Elettronica suono: EQ 2 bande
  • Hardware: cromo
  • Consegna incl.: custodia morbida
  • Particolarità: matching headstock
  • Nazione di produzione: Made in Germany
Presumibilmente disponibile dal 20.11.2017


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Sandberg California Supreme VM4 · Basso elettrico

For years now, the Sandberg company inspires with handcrafted electric basses from Braunschweig, Germany.
These basses persuade the player with phantastic handling from the first touch. If you plug a Sandberg into an amp then, almost everybody is overwhelmed. Hi-tech components combined with selected tone woods generate a beefy bass groundwork. The perfect interaction of its components delivers an assertive and punchy bass - ex works!
If you compare price and quality of the instruments its crystal clear, why Sandberg is celebrating a triumphal course throughout the bass world.

Sandberg is from start to finish quality pure! The neck pocket is optimized and provided with a six point neck connection. The Technical University in Braunschweig was even consulted as to the exact positioning of the neck. The entire electronic system has been designed by Glockenklang and offers numerous possibilities to use the pick ups in either Active or passive mode, a system which even works without a battery installed.
The bridge was designed according to the latest guitar building knowledge and provides accurate settings, even the spacing can be changed!

Particular attention was devoted to the neck, it has its own profile, weight optimized hardware so as not to let the guitar get top heavy, zero fret conception, a string retainer and last but not least the PLEK process is carried out on Sandberg guitars. The neck and Frets are computer analysed within 0.001 mm, the neck ist then adjusted and the Frets dressed exactly and polished. The result is a stunningly easy playable action !

Basso elettrico · Sandberg California Supreme VM4

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