Meinl 18  Candela Timbales Crash Ride

Meinl 18" Candela Timbales Crash Ride

  • Codice-prodotto: CA18CR
  • Diametro: 18" (45,72 cm)
  • Finitura: brillante
  • Particolarità: Great Crashsound Cutting Bell sound
  • Lega: Bronzo B20
  • Produzione: Martellato a mano
Disponibile a breve
Probabilmente disponibilein circa 7-14 giorni lavorativi


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Meinl 18" Candela Timbales Crash Ride · Piatti effetto

As the world is equally respected and successful manufacturer of cymbals and percussion instruments Meinl rely on an enormous potential of experiences from both areas. Experiences that are unavoidable in order to develop a pelvic line specifically for the needs of PercussionistInnen.

Interior and drummer PercussionistInnen actually have quite different views of pool and so Candela required above all a new concept of its own.

Candela Percussion Cymbals are specially designed for the Best by hand or with sticks and timbales unfold in these game situations very excellent sound quality.

Meinl Candela offers with the first Percussionist ery sensitive, dynamic cymbals that meet their requirements in an optimal way.
Together, the cymbal is her soft and exotic sound reason, which develops by alluding to its dynamic sound obvious potential.
An enormous advantage because Candela cymbal react even at very low played percussion passages according sensitive.

The candela sound palette offers a whole range of extraordinary pool. Not only is the specially designed shape, but also the distinctive hammering and the very thin materials offer many possibilities of this amazing new sound design on percussion setup.

There are percussion crashes, splashes Percussion, a percussion Jingle Bells, Bells, Percussion Low, Medium and High, and an excellent timbales Crash-Ride - all from a special bronze alloy. The extravagant Percussion Bell Splashes are also available in either bronze or nickel-silver alloy, which offer a more alternative sound.

Piatti effetto · Meinl 18" Candela Timbales Crash Ride

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