LD-Systems U508 BPG
Wireless-Set per strumenti LD-Systems U508 BPGWireless-Set per strumenti LD-Systems U508 BPG (2)Wireless-Set per strumenti LD-Systems U508 BPG (3)Wireless-Set per strumenti LD-Systems U508 BPG (4)Wireless-Set per strumenti LD-Systems U508 BPG (5)

LD-Systems U508 BPG

  • Display: OLED-Display
  • Frequency band: 823 - 832 MHz / 863 - 865 MHz
  • Canali simultaneamente gestibili: up to 6
  • Receiver properties: true diversity
  • Attacco ricevitore: XLR (balanced), 6.3 mm Jack (unbalanced)
  • Channel ports: 3-pole Mini-XLR
  • Campo di trasmissione: 30 bis 16000 Hz
  • Peso: Receiver 850 g, Transmitter 45 g
  • Alimentazione: Receiver incl. Mains Adapter; Transmitter AA Batteries
  • Durata batteria: up to 10 hours
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LD-Systems U508 BPG · Wireless-Set per strumenti

The U500® series has been developed to offer technically mature and affordable radio systems that are tailored to the needs of professional users. Whether for voice, instruments or as a wireless conference system, the U500® Series sets meet your expectations of first-class sound, reliability and ease-of-use.

With automatic channel search, convenient infrared synchronization and intuitive menu guidance on easily readable OLED displays with battery level indication and user name assignment, the True Diversity UHF radio systems of the U500® series are ready to roll. The selectable transmission power up to 30 mW and the noise suppression with pilot tone ensure the highest audio and transmission quality without artifacts with over 100 meters range in the open.

Interchangeable microphone capsules allow the hand transmitters to be tuned to different speech and vocals. For direct connection to guitar and bass amplifiers, the outputs of the single and double receivers can be switched to instrument levels; the wide frequency range from 30 to 16,000 Hz also covers the lowest bass tones.

U500® Vocal and Instrument Sets are available for three radio frequency bands: 584 - 608 Mhz and 655 - 679 MHz, 12 systems can be operated simultaneously, in the range 823 - 832 MHz + 863 - 865 MHz, six systems can be used simultaneously.

The U500® conference system can be extended to a maximum of 20 consoles and ensures effective communication with excellent speech intelligibility.

Wireless-Set per strumenti · LD-Systems U508 BPG

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