LD-Systems MEI ONE 2
In-Ear Monitor System LD-Systems MEI ONE 2In-Ear Monitor System LD-Systems MEI ONE 2 (2)In-Ear Monitor System LD-Systems MEI ONE 2 (3)

LD-Systems MEI ONE 2

  • Stereo/mono: mono oppure stereo
  • Switchable Frequencies: Si
  • Transmitter design: 9,5"/1U
  • Display station: LED string
  • Channel ports: 2 x Neutrik combos, 6.3mm headphone jack
  • Receiver Display: No
  • Attacco ricevitore: Mini-Klinke, stereo
  • incl. Limiter: Si
  • incl. Handset: Si
  • incl. Auricolari: No
  • Extra: Ac adaptor, 19" rackmount kit, hardcase
Disponibile a breve
Probabilmente disponibilein circa 7-14 giorni lavorativi


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LD-Systems MEI ONE 2 · In-Ear Monitor System

The MEI ONE series from LD Systems offers a budget solution for in-ear beginners. This personal wireless monitoring system that everyone can afford. Available in three fixed frequency versions that can be operated in parallel,

The MEI ONE is available in 3 different registration or licensing frequency ranges which are selected so that they work simultaneously without interference. The operation is thus very easy. A combination of a transmitter and several pocket receivers is possible .

In-Ear Monitor System · LD-Systems MEI ONE 2

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