Kurzweil SP4-8

Kurzweil SP4-8, Pianoforte da palco

codice: 10065760
L'articolo non fa piú parte del nostro inventario.
Pianoforte da palco • Key mechanics: Hammer mechanics, weighted and velocity (Fatar TP100) • Numero tasti: 88 tasti • Generazione del suono: Based on PC3 Serie and KORE 64 and KB3 Organsounds • Sounds / Tones: 128 Preset sounds, 64 Preset Setups, 64 User Presets and 64 User MIDI Setups (with up to 4 programmable zones) • Polifonia: 64 voci • Effetti: many effectchains and Hall programms from the PC3 Series, Amplifier Simulation, Leslie Effects • Modi: Main, Layer, Split • Particolarità: Compact Stagepiano with additional Synthesizer and Organ sounds • Collegamenti: 1x Phones, 2x Line Out 6,3 mm Jack symmetrical, 1x Pedalswich (Sustainpedal), 1x Continuous Control Pedal (Expression pedal) • USB/Midi: Midi (in/out), USB to Host • Altoparlante: no • Display: LCD Display mit 16 Characters • Colore: nero • Dimensioni (LxAxP): 1400 x 139 x 330 mm • Peso: 17,7 kg • Key cover: no • Consegna incl.: AC adaptor, sustain pedal, manual •