Focusrite ISA 430 MkII

Focusrite ISA 430 MkII, Preamplificatore microfono

codice: 9527024
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Preamplificatore microfono • Numero canali: 1 • Available dynamic modules: Class-A VCA compressor, switchable to Vintage-Opto-compresser/¬limiter with blend and auto release function; additional gate/¬expander and De-esser • Available filter modules: 4 band parametric EQ as well as high und low pass filter • Phantomm Power: 48 V • Converter/Bitrate: Optional 24Bit 192 kHz, S/­PDIF, ADAT; word clock In/­Out; AES/­EBU • Particolarità: Class-A microphone pre amplifier with Lundahl transmitter, variable Impedance; linkable with a further ISA430 MkII; • Displays: VU meter; LED´s • In/output: Microphone input as XLR and line input as ¼" jack; additional instrument input as ¼” jack1; 2x XLR insert in/¬out (EQ split dynamic split); compressor and gate key in as ¼” jack; 2 x ADC XLR in; XLR main out and dynamic link. • Dimensioni: 19"/2 UA • Optional accesories: 2 Channel A/D interface •