Dynacord PowerMate 600-3
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Dynacord PowerMate 600-3

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  • Costruzione: Konsole
  • Potenza/4 ohm: 2 x 1000 Watt
  • Ingressi: 6 x Mikrofon XLR /­ Line Klinke und 2 x Stereo Line Klinke
  • Inserts: -
  • EQ Mono / Stereo channel: 3 Band fix/3 band fix
  • AUX outs: 1 x pre, 1 x post, 1 x pre/post
  • Effetti: 24 Bit digital multi effect with 2 x 99 presets
  • Tape I/O: Yes, cinch
  • Particolarità: 7-Band Grafik EQ in der Summe; Mono Sub Out; optionales Rack-Montage-Kit; inkl. Metalldeckel für den Transport
  • Dimensioni: 161,7 x 438.8 x 362.5 mm
  • Peso: 9 kg
Disponibile a breve
Probabilmente disponibilein circa 7-14 giorni lavorativi


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Dynacord PowerMate 600-3 · Powermixer

More Power - More Effects - More Extras

That was the development approach of the first Powermates and made its mark with its exemplary realization of these mixing desks with integrated effect units and power amplifiers. With a PowerMate a professional user has a mixing desk, multi-effects and amplifiers in concert sound performance. This leaves no wishes open with this compact, portable but very powerful small PA system. Innovation dominates not only in the consistent development of an ingenious approach, but especially in many technical details. The operating ergonomics as well as the safety and operation of energy management and design. Here the perfection of every component reflects the passion of the developer:

Perfection - Passion - PowerMate.

Ideal solution for a wide variety of applications!
While an integrated solution in the form of a power mixer is the proven and preferred alternative for many live music applications, Powermates have also found their way into Hotels, Churches and various other fixed venue uses. Also in the rental business these compact, lightweight and very easy to use systems for small to medium sized events are more than the right deal !

Powermixer · Dynacord PowerMate 600-3

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