Dynacord A-Line A 112A
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Dynacord A-Line A 112A

  • Sotto categoria: Fullrange speaker
  • Costruzione: involucro multifunzionale
  • Internal cross over: sì
  • Fornitura: 12" LF-/1" HF-driver
  • Irradiazione: 90° x 50°
  • Potenza del finale: 420 Watt rms
  • Campo di trasmissione: 55 Hz to 18 kHz
  • SPL ( 1w/1m): senza indicazione
  • Max. SPL ( 1w/1m): 121 dB
  • Particolarità: Integrated 2 channel mixer
  • Collegamenti: Combo and RCA input, XLR out
  • Pole flange: sì
  • Flyability: no
  • Materiale involucro: multiplex, vernice nera
  • Dimensioni: 607 x 362 x 340 mm
  • Peso: 16,7 kg
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Dynacord A-Line A 112A · Cassa attiva

These speakers are the ideal companion for small to medium sized gigs. The A-Line not only offers the legendary DYNACORD sound at attractive prices, but also properties that would never be expected in this class.

A-Line speakers are exclusively equipped with quality components. They are characterized by high durability and feature a 15 mm plywood chassis that is equally lightweight and durable. The asymmetrical layout also allows its use as a stage monitor.

Equipped with powerful and lightweight amp modules with state-of-the-art signal processing. The FIR filter enables better linearization of the frequency response and improved slope in the crossover.
Likewise, the switch in the Monitor Mode optimizes frequency response and minimizes feedback. The switchable low-cut filter ensures more transparent sound and the protection of satellites in operation with a subwoofer.

Optimal for all models is the PowerMate or the CMS mixer series.

Cassa attiva · Dynacord A-Line A 112A

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