Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Effetto a pedale Boss RC-3 Loop StationEffetto a pedale Boss RC-3 Loop Station (2)Effetto a pedale Boss RC-3 Loop Station (3)

Boss RC-3 Loop Station

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  • Tipo di effetto: Looper
  • Tipo di costruzione: Digital
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo In, Stereo Out
  • Regolatore: Output Loop, Output Rhythm
  • Interruttore: Memory Up/Down, Tap, Rhythm on/off, Write
  • Bypass Modus: Buffered Bypass
  • Alimentazione: 9VDC, Center negativo
  • Consumo di corrente: 70 mA
  • Funzionamento a batteria: azionamento a batteria (opzionale)
  • Tipo di batterie: 9V Block
  • Formato caso: standard
  • Dimensioni LxAxP (cm): 7,3 x 12,9 x 5,9 cm (B x T x H)
  • Nazione di produzione: Made in Taiwan
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Boss RC-3 Loop Station · Effetto a pedale

Guitar veteran Les Paul even started using 2 tape machines, multitracked in order to accompany himself and that was in the 50's. In the 70s, it was the Avant Garde pioneers like Robert Fripp and Pink Floyd, who experimented with tape loop technology. In the digital age in the late 80s, there were digital delays that could record and play back a short sequence with a Hold function. At the end of the 90s the first true digital Looper, called the Boomerang came on the scene. For ordinary people it was far too expensive and complicated to use. Then in 2002 Boss lands the big one: the compact loop station RC 2 was a sensation - simple, intuitive operation by foot, Auto Record, storage spaces and lush for its recording time of 5 1/2 minutes. The rest is history! Current Loopers offer long recording times and postprocessing options. It can be implemented without great expense, and complex arrangements can be made in the overdub process. Whether for practice, as a musical notebook or for extravagant live performance - for each application Boss has the right Loop Station in Program.

Effetto a pedale · Boss RC-3 Loop Station

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