Beyerdynamic TG V56c

Beyerdynamic TG V56c

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  • Sotto categoria: Vocal Microphone
  • Tipo: Handheld Microphone
  • Capsule technology: Condensatore
  • Pickup pattern: Cardioid
  • Campo di trasmissione: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
  • max. SPL: 140dB, 1 kHz of max SPL
  • Fattore di trasmissione a vuoto: 3,3 MV/Pa
  • Impedanza: 190 Ohm
  • Phantomm Power: 48V
  • Particolarità: kann handle very high spl´s
  • Colore: nero opaco
  • Peso: 265g
  • Consegna incl.: Case, Stand adapter.
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Beyerdynamic TG V56c · Microfono

,, The best Live Microphone Series we've ever built ''

Whether for vocals or instruments, concerts, television or in the studio, the microphone is an elementary part of the communication between an artist and his audience. A microphone isn't just capable of converting sound into electrical impulses! no!, It can produce goose bumps, let eyes shine, or move you to tears, touch the soul and more. A microphone can also incredibly convey much emotion besides natural sound. For beyerdynamic one more reason to build the best microphones.

The microphones of the Touring Gear series present themselves as a complete range of products with new design and clear structure. The TG for Touring Gear follows the letter of the respective scope V for Vocal, H for headsets, L for Lavalier, D for drums, I for Instruments. The first digit indicates the respective categories, the following letter to the microphone type - D for dynamic, C for condenser and R for ribbon microphones. Additionlay S stands for models with switch. Touring Gear - the sounds hanbdcrafted from Beyerdynamic, Germany.

Microfono · Beyerdynamic TG V56c

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