Wincent 5AR Hickory Round Tip

Wincent 5AR Hickory Round Tip

  • Sotto categoria: bacchette 5A
  • Materiale: hickory
  • Materiale testina: testinadi legno
  • Diametro: 14.3 mm
  • Lunghezza: 406 mm
  • Particolarità: Stone Grinding technology, special surface coating, made in Sweden
codice: 10064095
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Wincent 5AR Hickory Round Tip · Bacchette per batteria

Wincent Round Tip Hickory Drumsticks are made ​​of 100% U.S. Hickory wood and are manufactured in Sweden. They are of exceptional quality, as they are not turned, but with a knife with a stone on the machine werden.Dadurch the grain of the wood is preserved in the production process, resulting in a very uniform, smooth surface and the stick makes it very durable. The model number is also printed on the bottom floor, so that's also in the stick bag or stick shelf never lost track.

Bacchette per batteria · Wincent 5AR Hickory Round Tip

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