Terré Africa Ghana L
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Terré Africa Ghana L

  • Codice-prodotto: 382401-55
  • Diametro: 11" (27,94 cm)
  • Corpo: palmwood
  • Tipo pelle: pelle di capra
  • Colore: naturale
  • Strain system: tensione corda
  • Altezza: 55 cm
  • Nazione di produzione: Ghana
Disponibile a breve
Probabilmente disponibilein circa 7-14 giorni lavorativi


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Terré Africa Ghana L · Djembe


The goblet-shaped wooden drum is taken from the former Kingdom of the Malinke from West Africa, today Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Guinea Conakry. African djembes are carved in the traditional design from a piece of tree trunk. The selected skins are stretched with 5-6 mm cords. The instrument is played with the hands, which produce deep bass middle tenor and high slap through the different hand positions on the skin. Thereby the djembe allows a very wide spectrum of sounds and extreme treble and bass. Djembes are unlike other African instruments such. B. Bougarabou or gong drums, solo instruments and are played in the traditional drum ensembles.
In our Soriment we offer handmade djembes in Palm, Oroko, Lingeue and mahogany.


Even in ancient times drums were used during ceremonies and rituals by all cultures and met the people with feelings of togetherness, joy and vitality trancelike states. With the innate, earthy sound, the instruments offer a psychological balance, which has a very positive effect on our mood. In our range we offer high-quality African instruments. These instruments not only inspire professionals and teachers, but are also suitable for beginners.

Djembe · Terré Africa Ghana L

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