Steinberg Cubase Elements 8

Steinberg Cubase Elements 8

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  • Sotto categoria: Full Version
  • Compatibility (Win, OSX, etc): hybrid
  • Number of Audio Tracks: 48
  • Number of MIDI tracls: 64
  • VST / AU: compatible host
  • Notation: Yes, basic functions
  • Licensing: Online activation, USB Dongle
  • Accessori: 44 Effects
codice: 10079546
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Steinberg Cubase Elements 8 · Software DAW

Cubase supports producers and musicians in every step of the music production with powerful features and creative tools. The professional music program is available in different versions for different needs and budgets. All Cubase versions are based on the renowned Steinberg audio engine, so that compromises in the sound quality must never be made. The functions of the various versions of Cubase was specifically tailored to the needs of each user group, from professional producers to ambitious hobby musician Cubase offers the appropriate version. Cubase defines the standard in computer music production.

Software DAW · Steinberg Cubase Elements 8

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