Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge

Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge

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  • Lato battente: wengé
  • Corpo: ontano
  • Dimensioni: 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Effetto rullante: tecnica 2-in-1 con 84 fili
codice: 100040679
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Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge · Cajon

The special feature of the Schlagwerk 2-in-One Cajon series is that you can make two different sound settings. Kill two birds with one stone if you will.

Sound One: modern
Inside the 2inOne Cajon are perfectly adjusted snare spirals which sit in a precisely defined angle to the the playing surface. When playing the sound spirals vibrate, controlled and thereby produce a modern snare Cajon sound.

Sound Two: traditional
The snare spirals can be removed very easily from the Cajon which then produces the traditional Cuban sound.

Cajon · Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge

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4.8 di 5 stelle

Quality and Versatility like an over the top!

Bomber82-Italy il 23.06.2012

My first Cajon bought after several research and test, and this my personal feedback shared with you all.
From the first touch, you will be impressed by his powerful capacity to increment the sound's colour.
The more you play, the more you'll notice an improvement of the tone and in your own skill.
Also, "2inOne"; you could remove out simply the snare to get Cajon's classical native tone!
High quality material and high level finiture, low weight and total versatility in the music world.
Really suggested to those who wanna start to explore the Cajon's world and to those that knows that this kind of love will last also after the time when their skill will be higher and could be required an upper level for this instrument: you will notice that you had already bought the perfect one!

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