Sabian HH 14  X-Celerator Hats
Piatto-Hi-Hat Sabian HH 14  X-Celerator HatsPiatto-Hi-Hat Sabian HH 14  X-Celerator Hats (2)Piatto-Hi-Hat Sabian HH 14  X-Celerator Hats (3)Piatto-Hi-Hat Sabian HH 14  X-Celerator Hats (4)

Sabian HH 14" X-Celerator Hats

  • Codice-prodotto: 11402LB
  • Diametro: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Lega: Bronzo B20
  • Finitura: brillante
  • Suono: loud, assertive strong hi-hat cymbal with strong overtones and a defined chick
  • Produzione: Martellato a mano
codice: 10087311
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Sabian HH 14" X-Celerator Hats · Piatto-Hi-Hat

Extremely variable and diverse, as well as atmospheric, voluminous depths to present the cymbals of the Sabian HH Series as the perfect solution for drummers who prefer a personal, warm and musical style. A sound, the only hand hammered cymbals convey.

HH (Hand Hammered) cymbals are composed of the following alloy: 20% tin, 80% copper and small proportion of silver.

The cast ingots are rolled up to 8 different directions, so the cymbal will receive a very high flexibility and are long lasting.

Due to the hand hammering get the HH cymbal their special, deep and full sound that is supported by the linking of hands.

Piatto-Hi-Hat · Sabian HH 14" X-Celerator Hats

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