Paiste 2002 Cup Chime Nr. 5/ 6

Paiste 2002 Cup Chime Nr. 5/ 6"

  • Codice-prodotto: Cup Chime
  • Diametro: 6" (15,24 cm)
  • Finitura: regolare
  • Lega: Bronzo speciale CuSn8
  • Produzione: meccanica
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Paiste 2002 Cup Chime Nr. 5/ 6" · Piatti effetto

Cymbals of the Paiste 2002 series are also produced from SnBz8 bronze alloy. The alloy was developed by Paiste in 1963 to produce the "Giant Beat" series, which emerged from 1971, and is still used on the current 2002-series.

These tools have proven themselves well in live and studio situations. The 2002's have warmth, musicality and precision.

Powerful pool with a high-enforcement capacity - ideal for expressive "cymbal player".
The 2002's were largely implicated in the sound of the 60s and 70s, used as many Paiste players from rock, jazz, fusion and country.

The 2002, since its launch in 1971 ,remained essentially unchanged. The series now contains in addition to the "classical" models, extra heavy models that have been adapted to modern needs by elevated volume.

Piatti effetto · Paiste 2002 Cup Chime Nr. 5/ 6"

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