Mogami Gold Edition MGINS0800BL

Mogami Gold Edition MGINS0800BL

  • Spina: Mono- a Mono jack
  • Lunghezza: 8 m
  • Colore: nero
  • Diametro dell'involucro esterno: ca. 6 mm
codice: 10086309
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Mogami Gold Edition MGINS0800BL · Cavo per strumenti

MOGAMI uses the Mogami 2524 high definition cable for the instrument cables from the Gold Edition. The inner conductor construction of 50 individual wires allows the cable to be extremely flexible. Oxygen-free copper(OFC)is used to ensure the highest signal fidelity. A second screening of conductive plastic effectively prevents mechanical noise. So that you do not have to worry about stepping on the cable which wont interfere with your sound.
Only Neutrik Jack plugs with gold plated contacts are used.

Cavo per strumenti · Mogami Gold Edition MGINS0800BL

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