Magnum Logofell 20

Magnum Logofell 20"

  • Tipo di pelle: pelle logo
  • Diametro: 20" (50,80 cm)
  • Colore: nero
  • Tipo pelle: 1 strato
  • Superficie: liscia
codice: 100055825
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Magnum Logofell 20" · Pelle per cassa

The newest version of the popular Magnum-Economy beginners drum sets includes features that have are found with higher class models.

  • 6 tension screws each side with the 10", 12" & 13" hanging toms
  • Sturdy, double braced Hardware set
  • Strong steel tension hoops for all Snares and Toms
  • Pre-dampened Bassdrum sticks- and Resoskins
  • A unique adjustable bass drum pedal (FP-720) with base plate, and double chain

The Magnum sets do not only impress beginners but also all other price-concious drummers. These type of music friendly prices are only possible due to uncompromising purchasing.

The market for such drum sets offers a wide and diverse choice of beginner sets.
If Magnum is on it, then Magnum is in it...quality at a fair price!

Pelle per cassa · Magnum Logofell 20"

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