LD-Systems WS 1000 G2 BPH 2

LD-Systems WS 1000 G2 BPH 2

  • Wireless options: Headset
  • Frequency band: UHF 823 - 832 Mhz und 863 - 865 Mhz
  • Receiver technology: True diversity
  • Tipo capsula: dinamico
  • Pickup pattern: Cardioid
  • Durata batteria: fino a 14 ore
  • Particolarità: Dual set;
  • Receiver properties: Double receiver, microprocessor controlled predictive diversity-technology, integrated antennas
  • Consegna incl.: Dubble receiver WS1000R / 2x WS1000MD
  • Canali simultaneamente gestibili: fino a 8
codice: 10010646
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LD-Systems WS 1000 G2 BPH 2 · Wireless-System

The WS 1000 G2 series by LD Systems guarantees with 96 channels in 8 groups, the unlicensed* broadcasting areas 823-832 and 863-865 MHz and a high range a natural sound with a wide dynamic range, a high signal to noise ratio and low THD.

The WS 1000 G2 is available in different versions: To select the versions with a dynamic microphone, a condenser microphone or a beltpack transmitter with optional headset, a lavalier microphone, a clip-microphone for wind instruments or a Guitar Adapter Cable , The system guarantees reliable audio transmission with a frequency range of 60 Hz to 16 kHz

* Please check your local legislation on Radio Frequencies Licensing !!

Wireless-System · LD-Systems WS 1000 G2 BPH 2

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