LD-Systems MAUI 28 SUB PC

LD-Systems MAUI 28 SUB PC

  • Sotto categoria: Speaker covers
  • Bags/Covers: LD Systems MAUI-28
  • Materiale: nylon
  • Colore: nero
  • Particolarità: Sturdy version with padding
  • Peso: 0,68 kg
codice: 10051992
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LD-Systems MAUI 28 SUB PC · Accessori per casse

The active MAUI column systems from LD Systems offer a particularly compact PA solution. They can be extremely comfortable to carry, set up in seconds and integrate in any environment with their unobtrusive appearance .

The vertical array configuration, digital signal processing and individual amplification of the Frequency bands by utilising separate power amplifiers provide a particularly large radiation angle and a very uniform sound distribution.

With its impressive audio performance and easy handling the LD MAUI PA systems are suitable for a surprising number of applications.

Accessori per casse · LD-Systems MAUI 28 SUB PC

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