Lakewood M-31 CP

Lakewood M-31 CP

  • Numero corde: 6 corde
  • Corpo: Gran Concerto
  • Cutaway: Si
  • costruzione acustica: tutto massivo
  • Colore: naturale
  • Finitura: opaca
  • Tavola: Abete (abete rosso / AAA qualità)
  • Fondo/fasce: palissandro
  • Manico: mogano
  • Tastiera: ebano
  • Intarsi tastiera: Dots
  • Larghezza Capotasto: 46 mm
  • Capotasto/Ponte: osso
  • Ponticello: ebano
  • Meccaniche: Schaller M6 mit Palisandergriffen
  • Headstock: Palisander Overlay
  • Rosone: Holzkern mit Zierspänen
  • Binding: mogano
  • Pick-up: LR Baggs Anthem
  • Preampsystem: L.R. Baggs
  • Consegna incl.: custodia rigida
codice: 10053242
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Lakewood M-31 CP · Chitarra western

Lakewood Natural

Valuable timber, left almost entirely in its natural state has a beauty of its own. This is the most direct way between the material and in the eye of the beholder.
Reduction to the substantial, nothing more, nothing less, since all the guitars of the "Natural series" are built according to the highest principles of guitar craftsmanship. The Lakewood designs and materials let these guitars speak for themselves! Each and every instrument is meticulously finetuned within its components...less is more in this case!

Chitarra western · Lakewood M-31 CP

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