DW 9303 Small Basket
Supporto rullante DW 9303 Small BasketSupporto rullante DW 9303 Small Basket (2)

DW 9303 Small Basket

  • Misure rullante: 10" - 12" (25,4-30,48 cm)
  • Strain system: knurled nut
  • Joints: continuous joint
  • Braces: doppio
  • Particolarità: versione pesante
  • Extra: accordatore
codice: 4107074
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Probabilmente disponibilein circa 7-14 giorni lavorativi

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DW 9303 Small Basket · Supporto rullante

The industry-standard, industry-leading line of 9000 Series hardware is our most popular. Heavy-duty steel constructions means it built to withstand the punishment that long tours can dish out, but it’s a long list of patented innovative features that keeps drummers coming back.

9000 Series pedals are played by the world’s top professionals for a reason; Floating Rotor technology makes then quick and responsive, while the Adjustable Cam makes them versatile enough for any musical environment. A groundbreaking design and DW quality has helped to make 9000 pedals our most sought after pedals today.

Supporto rullante · DW 9303 Small Basket

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