DG De Gregorio Chanela DGC03BL Blue

DG De Gregorio Chanela DGC03BL Blue

  • Lato battente: Birch, 2,5 mm, 5-ply
  • Corpo: betulla
  • Dimensioni: 49 x 29 x 30 cm
  • Effetto rullante: Si
  • Particolarità: Adjustable snare system , 8 string
  • Extra: "Cajon Power" Learn DVD1
codice: 10056203
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DG De Gregorio Chanela DGC03BL Blue · Cajon

Chanela series

Once played, you won't put down this fully professional instrument!
The Chanela is the amazing result of many years of experience and superior craftsmanship. A Cajon with incredibly powerful sound, brilliant highs, and extremely sensitive snare system appealing - pure dynamism!
Compared to standard cajons, the Chanela provides twice the number of strings,so the sound is very close to that of a snare drum. Through the special velcro a very low string tension gives optimal control of unwanted buzz and a long string life. The snare system as a whole unit can be removed from the Cajon allowing the exchange of a damaged strings or sound changes by using other types of strings.

Cajon · DG De Gregorio Chanela DGC03BL Blue

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