Bare Knuckle Aftermath Neck 7-String

Bare Knuckle Aftermath Neck 7-String

  • Tipo di costruzione: Humbucker
  • Numero corde: 7 corde
  • Posizione: manico
  • Carattere: aggressivo
  • Collegamenti: 4 conduttori
  • Magnete: Alnico V
  • Pole pieces: Nickel Skrews
  • Output: hot
  • Impedanza manico: 11.5K Alnico V
  • Cover: Tyger
  • Consegna incl.: Pickups, BKP/Rotosound corde 10er), D’Andrea BKP Plektrum, Garantiekarte (Lifetime), Verkabelungsdiagramm, BKP Untersetzer, Aufkleber, Montageschrauben
  • Particolarità: hand-wound
codice: 10078149
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Bare Knuckle Aftermath Neck 7-String · Pick-up

The Aftermath humbucker features a symmetrically hand-wound twin screw coil design and is powered by 3 custom size ceramic magnets. The bottom-end responds quickly to pick attack and tracks fast riffing extremely accurately, mids are focused and intense for ultimate punch no matter how dense the mix or how low the tuning and highs are precise and articulate. With a more compressed dynamic, single notes have masses of sustain while the front of the note is clear-cut and defined even under extreme amounts of gain.

The Aftermath neck humbucker is Alnico V powered and voiced for fat, powerful clean tones, fluid vocal-like sustain when driven hard and good balance with the bridge humbucker.

Pick-up · Bare Knuckle Aftermath Neck 7-String

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