AHead Signature Tommy Lee CONCERT

AHead Signature Tommy Lee CONCERT

  • Sotto categoria: Signature Drum-Sticks
  • Materiale: alluminio
  • Materiale testina: testina di nylon
  • Diametro: 15.1 mm
  • Lunghezza: 422 mm
  • Particolarità: ST-Sleeve
  • Signature: Tommy Lee
codice: 10019305
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AHead Signature Tommy Lee CONCERT · Bacchette per batteria

Ahead Signature Sticks

The Signature series is a range of sticks that Ahead along with Artists have produced. The Sticks differentiate in shape,size and length but all are as usual comprise of an Aluminium shaft which is protected bei swapable sleeves. Also interchangeable are the Tips and the ring between the grip and the shaft.

Some of the great names that work together with Ahead: Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Rick Allen (DEF Leppard), Tico Torres (Bob Jovi) and Tommy Lee.

Bacchette per batteria · AHead Signature Tommy Lee CONCERT

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